About Us/Pricing

We are David and Durre, an Atlanta, GA based husband and wife photography team and we love to shoot weddings, engagements, senior portraits, family portraits and just about anything you can think of.  Great photography is about capturing emotion and we try to capture emotion in the most natural way possible. Our passion is capturing those moments – the greatest moments of your life...


Some facts about us...

More than anything we love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our beliefs are the most important thing in our life. We both grew up in the South, David is from Atlanta, GA and Durre is from Melbourne, FL. We met in DC and were married in Savannah. We have amazing little five year old and two year old boys who we absolutely adore. Even though we are Southerners we love hockey...that's about all that rubbed off on us from living further North. We love Savannah above all places and plan on living there in the near future. We love to watch TV but rarely have time for anything new so it is usually re-runs of The Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, The King of Queens, or Andy Griffith. 


  • Photography has been a life long obsession for me. I took the lions share of photos at my sisters wedding when I was eleven and haven't looked back. I love being a photographer. 
  • I grew up playing soccer and still play when I get time. I played in college and semi-pro in Germany. 
  • I started playing hockey in DC and fell in love. 
  • I joined the Army after and because of September 11th.
  • I was an intelligence analyst...kind of like James Bond but without all that pesky excitement. 
  • I am my biggest critic.
  • Durre is my biggest cheerleader...I am truly blessed to be married to the most amazing woman on the planet.


  • I agree that David is truly blessed to be married to me!  But it's a two-way street -- he's kind of awesome too, so marriage seems easy for us. 
  • Photography hasn't been a life long obsession for me, but I love it.  It's truly amazing to be able to capture life's moments...
  • Like David, I was an athlete too -- but in swimming.  I left college a 9x All-American, but rarely find time to swim anymore... (see aforementioned 5 and 2-year olds as to why...)
  • I have an odd name -- not Hollywood odd, I'm not named after fruit or a yoga pose -- but it does give most folks pause... and in case you're wondering, it rhymes with Murray, hurry, scurry...
  • I met David online -- Match.com 
  • I don't like winter... and have been known to wear flip flops well into December.
  • David is the best guy I've ever known.  I don't say that he's my dream guy because I never dreamed that anybody like him existed... 


Weddings (Includes - Engagement session, all day coverage, post processing/color correction, high-resolution digital files, and printing rights) 

  • 1 Photographer $2500
  • 2 Photographers $5000

Portraits - Engagement/Family/Senior/Lifestyle (Includes - post processing/color correction, 10-20 high-resolution digital files, and printing rights)

  • 2 hours $500

Real Estate - (Includes - post processing/color correction, high-resolution digital files, and printing rights)

  • Residential/Commercial 17 cents per square foot (3,000 sf X .17 = $510)

Events (Includes - post processing/color correction, high-resolution digital files, and printing rights - weddings not included)

  • $250 per hour

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